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Uber denies pursuing naming rights to Spurs’ new stadium

No Ubers to the Uber. Awwwww.


Remember yesterday, when the Cubs were behind in the World Series, Steve Nash hadn’t visited Tottenham Way, and Uber was potentially bidding for naming rights to Tottenham’s new stadium? Well, slow your roll on the stadium bit. Lyall Thomas from Sky Sports has dashed some cold water on that particular rumor.

That’s almost too bad. After some initial hand-wringing, I got the sense that a lot of Spurs fans were starting to come around to the idea of Uber Stadium (all those, perhaps, except the fans of Black Cabs and proponents of The Knowledge). “Uber Stadium” certainly did have a certain... panache.

Of course, it was never a solid rumor to begin with — the initial rumor wasn’t that things were at a late stage, it was just the only potential naming partner that had its name leaked to the press. My guess is that it’ll be a while before we get any significant movement on the naming rights deal, and it wouldn’t surprise me if that bit of news isn’t announced until Spurs are in the midst of playing their year in the wilderness next season.

Which means its still possible that we can end up with a big bank or telecomm company on top of the building. Like Comcast, or Archer Daniels Midland. Evil Corp Stadium, anyone?