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Kyle Walker has a thing for zombies

The Spurs defender is back at it again on Halloween

Happy Halloween, CFC!

It’s become sort of a Spurs tradition for Kyle Walker to pull some shenanigans on this hallowed day for tricks and/or treats. It all started pretty simple back in 2013 when he decided to try and scare some teammates during a Spurs TV segment.

A couple of years later he escalated it a bit while keeping the same basic theme.

This year he’s taken it to a-whole-nother level by bringing in ACTUAL ZOMBIES. Okay, so they may be actors (or maybe they aren’t?). The idea behind this is apparently to haze the new players by having the zombies attack them when they try and fend them off by kicking balls at them. Sure, just go with it...

Poor Vincent Janssen looked legitimately scared after taking his blindfold off. Then Georges-Kevin Nkoudou wasn’t even messing around. He nailed one of them right in the face (I hope that person got paid extra for that).

Good ole Kyle Walker loves him some Halloween.