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Lloris, Alderweireld earn EA Sports Team of the Week honor

In-form cards incoming!

For those of you that play FIFA Ultimate Team there’s some good news today. Both Hugo Lloris and Toby Alderweireld have been named to this week’s EA Sports Team of the Week. Which means, both players will have special “In-form” items available in packs for the next seven days.

This is coming off the heels of Son Heung-Min making it last week. A great run of form by Spurs is leading to deserved honors off-the-field.

FIFA 17 launched over a week ago and features several new game modes. Most notably is their new mode called “The Journey,” in which Tottenham’s own Harry Kane is not only an Authenticity Consultant but an actual character in the game.

This year’s gameplay is probably the most realistic it’s ever been with the revamped shielding system making it a lot more difficulty to blow past defenders, much like it is in real life.

Both Lloris and Alderweireld were two of the better players to play with in the Premier League this year and now with their in-form cards they’ll be even better.