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Just a dab won’t do ya: choosing Son Heung-Min’s new goal celebration

Sonny’s goal celebrations need to stay fresh, like his game. We’re here to help.

Middlesbrough v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Dan Mullan/Getty Images

Son Heung-Min loves to dab. He did it with Dele Alli against Stoke City, he hit it again against Bournemouth, and dropped another dab today after scoring the winner for South Korea over Qatar.

But Sonny? The dab is soooo 2015. If you’re going to stay clinical with his goal scoring this season for Tottenham Hotspur, you are going to have to stay on the cutting edge with your goal celebrations.

We at Cartilage Free Captain are here to help. Here are some suggestions for how to mix things up and create a new signature move.

Run to the sidelines and hug Kevin Wimmer

He’s your bestie. You even admitted that you were fond of “that Austrian guy.” You took him to the Asian Awards, so we know what he means to you. Time to show the world. Run over there and give him a big ol’ squeeze. Hug out all those emotions. We’ll wait, we don’t mind.

The Dembele Shuffle

Mousa almost never scores for Spurs, so I doubt he’ll mind if you borrow his 1940s-era dance moves. They’re retro, so the Millennials will love it. Call it a homage, if you will.

Random Tejano dance

I have no idea what this is but I found it on Luke Zimmerman’s twitter feed and it makes me giggle. Now imagine Sonny doing this after a goal. I can’t, you guys, it’s too much.

Something from K-Pop

If you’re a Korean international scoring goals for fun in England, why not pick something that references your homeland? K-Pop is full of signature and celebratory dance moves. In fact, that’s kind of the point. What do you think it would do to football fans in Korea if Sonny were to bust one of these fly moves out after banging in a worldy? Here are some of my favorites.

The Electric Shock (fX)

Looks complicated. I couldn’t do it. But I’m old, white, and can’t dance.

Ring Ding Dong (SHINee)

Note, according to this .gif, this would be an effective move after scoring on a Tuesday night in Stoke.

The Sherlock (SHINee)

I like this one. Easy to learn and extremely memorable, much like the panther walk thing that Bafetimbi Gomis used to do.

Bonamana (Super Junior)

A little more difficult to learn, and would probably need to involve some of Sonny’s Tottenham teammates. I can so see Dele Alli and Erik Lamela joining in on this one, though.

There are tons more. What are some of your ideas for a new Sonny goal routine? Post ‘em in the comments!