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Spurs players visit set of new Transformers film

Can we get a cameo?

A few weeks ago, Mark Wahlberg visited Tottenham Hotspur’s training ground for a meet and greet. Today, a couple of Spurs players returned the favor and got to chill on the set of the new Transformers movie that Wahlberg will star in.

Harry Kane on the set:

Imagine a Harry Kane cameo in Transformers. He’s already starred in a video game this year and has plenty of endorsements and special appearances. How awesome would a cheeky little “I’m buzzing.” one-line cameo be? Make it happen Hollywood!

Michel Vorm also showed up:

With that jacket, you almost wonder if Vorm already has a part in the movie. He looks like he’s about to take flight in some crazy mechanical robot (or whatever vehicles are in the film).

While we’re all fiending for some football during the international break, these guys get to hang out on the set of a big time film. The life of a pro must be amazing.