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WATCH: Kyle Walker puts in a perfect cross to Daniel Sturridge for England goal vs. Scotland

Ping! Right off of Sturridge’s head.

England v Scotland - FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifier Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

England are playing Scotland today in a World Cup Qualifier and nope, there isn’t any kind of rivalry at play at ALL in this match nope nope nope. And it’s England who have gotten the scoring underway, with Tottenham Hotspur’s Kyle Walker putting in a fantastic cross to Liverpool’s Daniel Sturridge to put England up 1-0.

Have a look:

So a couple of things:

  1. That’s a great cross from Walker, right to Sturridge’s head. Lot of pace on that ball.
  2. And dang, that’s an absolutely absurd header from Sturridge. Wow.
  3. Come to think of it, was Walker actually trying to ping a hard cross off of Studge’s head? #banter
  4. Kyle had acres of space to work with on that play.
  5. Scotland are not very good
  6. I’m a big, big fan of pink kits and Scotland’s do not disappoint whatsoever.
  7. LOL at Walker’s face when he hugs Sturridge: “OK, whatever bro, get off”

A win would put England at the top of their World Cup Qualifying group with ten points off of four matches.