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Own your own badly drawn Tottenham Hotspur player prints

Never let anyone tell you that “lack of talent” is a hinderance to making a living in the art world.

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I’ve always wanted to draw, but I can’t because I’m terrible at it. And apparently, so is this guy, but it hasn’t let it stop him. A guy in the UK named Sean has apparently made a somewhat decent living selling prints of footballers, drawn badly, on Etsy. In fact, that’s the name of his Etsy store: Badly Drawn Footballers.

And, confession, it’s kind of awesome. Here’s his drawing of Harry Kane.

Eww, I know, right? I kind of want one. Here’s his version of Son Heung-Min.

A perfect likeness! And what collection of badly drawn Tottenham Hotspur art would be complete without a print of Spurs and France #1 Hugo Lloris?

The shop doesn’t have EVERY Tottenham player (Y U NO TOM CARROLL), but there are also prints for Kyle Walker, Dele Alli, Kevin Wimmer, Erik Lamela, Jan Vertonghen, Eric Dier, and Mauricio Pochettino, plus tons of other world footballers. All drawn badly. And all pretty awesome.

Prints are £5 and you can also get them in t-shirt form for £15. I’m not telling anyone to buy them, but I admit that after a week of mostly bad Tottenham Hotspur news, these made me laugh, and that’s good enough for me to share them with all y’all.

That this site exists and is popular is proof that you should never let anyone tell you that lack of things like “talent” and “ability” should be hinderances to having a successful career in the commercial art world. Anyone want to buy my vitreous clay sculptures that kinda look like Toby Alderweireld? Or maybe Gumby?