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Harry Kane isn’t at a contract impasse with Spurs because he’s not currently in negotiations

But he probably should get a big ol’ pay raise. Also, don’t read The Sun.

Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images

Good news: Tottenham Hotspur striker Harry Kane has NOT reached an impasse with his club in new contract negotiations. (Don’t read The Sun, kids.) The flip side of that coin is, however, that he apparently hasn’t been in negotiations with Tottenham for a new contract at ALL.

This weekend, The Sun (seriously, don’t read it, it’s bad) came out with an EXCLUSIVE that stated that Kane and Spurs had reached an impasse and that contract talks between the two clubs are now stalled. The implication was that Kane-slash-his-representatives were holding out for “Daniel Sturridge money,” which you can interpret as around £140,000/week. This is also on the heels of several reports over the past few months, which we covered, that hinted that Spurs were “close” to agreeing to a new contract with Kane after he won the Golden Boot and led Spurs to a title challenge last year.

Welp, this is why you shouldn’t read the Sun. (Don’t even bother.) Sky’s Lyall Thomas, who has proven to be a very reliable source on Tottenham Hotspur news, says that not only are Kane and Spurs not at loggerheads, there haven’t been any contract talks at all since Kane signed his last new deal this past summer.

Now: there’s a very real chance that Kane actually wants a new contract that will put him more in line with what other top strikers earn in the Premier League. Kane is absolutely worth that much money, and it’s quite probable that if he does want to open contract talks with Spurs that he’d be able to negotiate a good deal that will keep both him and the club happy. It’s also worth noting that Kane still has 3.5 years left on his current contract.

Tottenham being Tottenham, they are probably not going to splash out £150k/week for Kane, but considering he’s only on ~£60k/week right now, there’s obviously room to give him a healthy bump. Everything about Kane’s demeanor has indicated that he loves Tottenham and doesn’t want to leave anytime soon, even though there are clubs like Manchester United, Real Madrid, and AC Milan sniffing around him.

No actual contract negotiations does not mean there’s a “contract impasse,” but I wouldn’t at all doubt that Kane and his agent are pushing for a new deal that will get him paid at some point in the future. That’s business, and I don’t think any Spurs fan would begrudge him wanting to have a salary that is commensurate to his status as one of the EPL’s top strikers.

But don’t freak out that Kane is upset and is butting heads with Daniel Levy over wages, or that he might be poached by another club. It’s way, way too early for that kind of sensationalist speculation. And for God’s sake, don’t read The Sun.