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“Price of Football” report shows Tottenham tickets still well above Premier League average

Spurs’ match day and season ticket prices have been flat for the past several years, but a season ticket to White Hart Lane is still the second most expensive in England.

West Bromwich Albion v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

The BBC just released its annual “Price of Football” reports for all major domestic leagues, a table of statistics that tracks game-day and season ticket, and shirt prices. The bad news is that tickets to Tottenham Hotspur matches are still expensive compared to the Premier League as a whole, but the good news is that those ticket prices have stayed more or less flat over the past few seasons.

According to BBC’s data, the price of the lowest Tottenham Hotspur season ticket is £765, second highest in the Premier League. The price is just above the cheapest Chelsea season ticket price at Stamford Bridge (£750) and well above the average season ticket price for the Premier League, but well below an Arsenal season ticket at the Emirates (£1014), which continues to be the most expensive match-day experience in English football.

The high cost of a season ticket at Spurs is no doubt due to a number of factors, but is unquestionably partly due to supply and demand. White Hart Lane is very small compared to the stadiums of the other clubs competing for Champions League positions, which puts Spurs at a distinct monetary disadvantage compared to its competitors. With a season ticket waiting list that encompasses thousands of names, those tickets are in high demand. The club no doubt decided to capitalize on that demand by raising season ticket prices in the past.

However, the report also shows that the price of the cheapest Tottenham match day ticket has remained flat at £31 since the 2012/13 season, and the cheapest season ticket has also remained unchanged since 2013/14.

This being the last season at White Hart Lane, it’s unknown what Tottenham’s season and match day ticketing pricing will be like for the future. Spurs will play all their home matches, both in the Premier League and Europe, in Wembley Stadium next season, and if this years’ Champions League ticket package prices are any indication, Spurs fans might see the cost of a season ticket to watch Spurs at England’s national stadium fall next season. That would be good news to fans who complain bitterly about the large amount of money it costs to attend football matches in the modern era.

The promise of a new stadium in place of White Hart Lane offers a great deal of hope that the increased revenue from more fans in seats will help the club close the financial gap between itself and clubs like Liverpool and Arsenal. Ticket prices are but part of the delicate financial line that Spurs chairman Daniel Levy will need to straddle in order to get Spurs into their new home while still keeping the club in a positive financial state.

The hiring of Mauricio Pochettino and the emphasis on youth development, as well as maintaining Spurs’ stringent wage policy despite player wages skyrocketing in recent years are also important in helping Spurs to reach that milestone. The hope is that walking that tightrope, keeping fans happy (or at least content) and showing continued positive results on the pitch will kick-start Spurs into true competition with the biggest clubs in Europe. After that? Who knows.