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WATCH: Hugo Lloris denies Falcao’s early penalty kick


Tottenham’s crucial Champions League away match at AS Monaco got off to a very inauspicious beginning when the hosts were awarded a penalty in the 10th minute. It looked as if Spurs would be fighting an uphill climb early on, but Hugo Lloris came to the rescue to keep the match level:

via r/Soccer

Radamel Falcao, who’s been in great form of late, stepped up to the spot to try and put his team ahead, but Hugo wasn’t having it. He denied the Colombian with a great diving save low and to his right side to keep the match scoreless early on.

Spurs are in desperate need of a positive result tonight if they have any hopes of reaching the knockout stages in the Champions League. It hasn’t been the greatest of starts, but Hugo is doing his best to give them a chance to get the result they need.