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Christian Eriksen says he’s been “unlucky” against opposition keepers

He’s not wrong, either!

Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspur - Premier League Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Christian Eriksen scored his first goal of the season this past Saturday at Stamford Bridge, Tottenham’s only goal in a 2-1 loss to Chelsea. It was a cracker of a goal and seemed to indicate that the “old” Christian Eriksen who put the team on his back and scored with impunity might be emerging again.

Eriksen has admitted to a frustrating beginning to this year’s Premier League campaign in comments given to Tottenham’s official website, and says that at times he’s felt a little snake-bit.

"It’s been annoying but not frustrating. I’ve been unlucky with the keepers having good days or missing at the last moment. I’ve been in good positions and it’s just about taking the chance. I was in a good position and I took the chance and profited from it but it takes away from the glory when we end up losing. It makes it a different, bitter feeling.

"We started very well in the first 44 minutes. They had one chance in the first half and scored a goal which gave them confidence. Our defending for the second goal, myself as well, we could have passed the second ball to a guy in a better position but that happens in a moment then you try to make up for it afterwards, but it wasn’t to be. It’s very frustrating all round but we have to pick ourselves up and we have time to prepare ourselves for Swansea next weekend."

Thing is, he’s not wrong. Spurs have had a number of opposition goalkeepers who have had stand-on-their-heads kind of games against us – it appears to be a #narrative thing now – and I can think of a number of times where Eriksen’s come close only to have his shot saved, or hit the post/crossbar and bounce out, etc. He’s also had a few misses that have felt a little inexplicable as have a number of other Spurs players, Harry Kane included.

It’s not an excuse, and Eriksen would probably be the first to say so, but it does give a glimpse into Eriksen’s head. It sounds like he’s every bit as frustrated as Spurs fans are. Eriksen’s goal against Chelsea though is a good indication that he has the quality to make those kinds of plays. After all, form is temporary — class is permanent.