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Dele Alli’s selflessness is completely genuine

He’s the best.

Athletes, for the most part, are expected to do charitable things within the community. Most teams have public relations people who make sure to put their athletes in positions where they get a lot of good publicity for doing something kind. That’s just the cold truth.

However, some high profile athletes do care and will go out of their way to do something good for the less fortunate. Dele Alli is one of those people.

He spent a day this week visiting a sick child named Tony in the hospital. The Spurs midfielder spent hours with him playing FIFA and talking about the sport according to Tony’s father on social media:

There was no media around. It wasn’t some heartwarming documentary for his resume. He did it out of the kindness of his heart and his genuine care for a sick child who he found out about.

In this day and age of manicured public events to boost an athlete’s credibility, it’s refreshing to see someone like Dele go out of his way to do a good thing and not seek any recognition for it. You’re the best, Dele.