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Schalke’s Max Meyer confirms Tottenham summer interest, but says he’s happy where he is

Spurs were after him on deadline day, but unfortunately this still looks like a pipe dream.

Brazil v Germany - Final: Men's Football - Olympics: Day 15 Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images

One of the (many) stories that came to light during the summer transfer window deadline was about 21-year old Schalke attacking midfielder Max Meyer, and Tottenham apparently making a move to secure his services for a big-time transfer fee. Like so many of those rumors, it never came to pass.

But today, German paper Sport Bild has quotes from Meyer himself who confirms that Spurs had contacted Schalke about making a transfer on deadline day, but that Schalke said no.

"I know that interest was there and the club was asked. But Schalke immediately put a stop to it. So the matter was settled. Of course, I considered the request. But I also know what I have at Schalke, and I like to play for this club.

"Everyone waits for a development like this. When the time comes, we will come to a decision. But I feel good about Schalke."

Meyer is considered a rising star in Germany. A full German international, he’s a fast, tricky dribbler who can play across the front attacking band. He’s been playing well lately for Schalke after the club got off to a slow start. The rumors last summer were that it would take upwards of £35m to pry him away from Schalke, and I can believe it.

Pochettino’s apparently a big fan of Meyer, but it doesn’t sound like he’s likely to come to Spurs, despite some papers linking Spurs to him again in the January window. Still, it’s kind of nice to know Spurs are going after young players of his calibre. Long may THAT continue.