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Match Review: Spurs beat Burnley 2-1 as Danny Rose Shines.

Tottenham Hotspur v Burnley - Premier League Photo by Tony Marshall/Getty Images

Spurs beat Burnley 2-1 today at White Hart Lane. While it definitely wasn’t Spurs' best game, 3 points is 3 points no matter how you get it. The goals came from Dele and Danny Rose on the Spurs side and Ashley Barnes on Burnley.

First Half:

The first half started exactly how you’d think against a side like Burnley. Spurs kept up a ton of pressure for the first 20 minutes, getting plenty of chances. Burnley scored first, however, on a weird goal from Barnes in the 21st minute. After a couple of lucky deflections and some sad Spurs defending, Barnes was able to score a sitter. Fortunately, this didn’t affect Spurs confidence as they immediately started putting on the pressure again. In the 27th min we were able to equalize as Walker put in a cross that Dele was able to finish without trouble. Kyle Walker was partially at fault for the first goal and Dele hadn’t been playing great, so of course they are the two who link up for our goal. Our Winks-Dembele midfield was solid for the whole half, although against Burnley that probably doesn’t mean much for future fixtures.

One major problem we had in the first half was not making extra passes before shots. We took far too many shots outside the box — a silly problem we’ve had all season. Harry Kane tried to Rambo a couple of dribbles into the box with no results, even when he had either Eriksen or Dele to pass to. The half ended with a break for Burnley but nothing came of it.

Second Half:

The second half started off rather calm with Tottenham putting on the majority of the pressure again. Wanyama had a terrible half and was subbed off for Moussa Sissoko, who actually made a very positive difference in the game. We scored our second in the 71st minute and it was an absolute stunner. Sissoko put up a ball for Danny Rose who scored at an absolutely ridiculous angle. It was definitely a contender for the best Spurs goal this season. Dele and Rose were the next two Spurs players subbed off for Son and Davies respectively. The game ended with 10 minutes of Burnely Pressure that Spurs were able to keep off.

The problems we had in the second half were the exact same ones we had in the first. We had far too many shots outside the box that ended up with nothing. Also we allowed more then a few breaks from Burnely to end the game ( as well as getting a lucky no call on a pen).