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Hugo Lloris signs new Tottenham Hotspur contract through 2022


We’ve seen a LOT of new Tottenham Hotspur contracts since Mauricio Pochettino took over as Spurs manager, and an inordinate number since the summer, but there were a few worrying holdouts. One of them was Hugo Lloris, Spurs’ captain and starting keeper for France.

No longer! Hugo and the club gave Spurs fans the best possible early Christmas present today, announcing via social media that Lloris has signed a new contract that will keep him a member of Tottenham Hotspur through the 2022 season.

This is spectacular news. Hugo was always the one player in this current squad who you thought might bolt for a bigger club if Spurs didn’t land Champions League this season, even as he continually said how happy he was playing in North London. With this new 5.5 year deal in place, Hugo has made a statement that he’s willing to dedicate the bulk of his career to Tottenham Hotspur; he will be 35 when his new deal expires.

As it stands, Lloris stated how thrilled he was to agree to a new deal at Spurs.

The announcement did not make mention of Hugo’s new weekly wages, which isn’t surprising. Hugo was rumored to be at around £80k/wk on his old contract, and so we should probably assume his new deal will put him at or somewhere near the other top wage earners at the club. And he deserves every penny of it.

This deserves a .GIF party! Go nuts.