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New Year’s Eve EPL football watchin’ open thread

2016 is ending, thank goodness, and there are a whole bunch of matches to send it off.

New Year's Eve 2016 In Times Square - Philips Ball Test Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Hey everybody! I’m back! We just returned from vacation this afternoon. I’m exhausted and drained. I still haven’t watched the Southampton match. But at least I’m home.

The busy holiday football schedule continues today with a whole raft full of matches on New Year’s Eve. And unlike the Boxing Day fixtures, this one has some doozies, highlighted by the late match between Liverpool and Manchester City. This is one that you should keep an eye on as a Spurs fan because both of them are ahead of Tottenham in the table, and it’s a great opportunity to close the gap on one or both of them (assuming we win against the HornetMoose on Sunday).

Here’s the full schedule, and this is your place to talk about the matches. And if you want to go ahead and talk about the OTHER football, which has some interesting bowl games going on today, knock yourself out.

New Year’s Eve Match Schedule