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Bro-tastic! Eric Dier dope-slaps Dele Alli in the middle of an interview.

“He’ll regret that.”

We’ve become a little inured to the bromance between Tottenham Hotspur’s Dele Alli and Eric Dier. These two love to wind each other up and aren’t afraid to prank the other one whenever they get the chance. Preferably on camera.

Past interactions have included Dier laughing at Alli after he missed a sitter with England, Alli stiffing Dier on National Best Friends Day, Dier creepin’ behind Alli during an England social media interview, and Alli nutmegging Dier every chance he gets.

It’s been a little quiet in Alli-Dier Land lately: while there have been a few minor incidents it seems like we haven’t had the same sort of non-stop wacky hijinx that we had all of last season. Until now!

I love this so much. You have to be totally secure in your friendship to walk up behind Dele when he’s being interviewed and just give him a big ol’ slap upside the head. (Not that Alli doesn’t deserve it, he probably does.)

Alli’s reaction is also priceless. There’s a split second of shock, a brief instance of anger as he looks to see who the hell slapped him in the head, and then you see his expression soften – Oh, I see you, Eric – and he’s immediately plotting his revenge.

“He’s gonna regret that.” No doubt. I don’t know when that revenge is coming, but I hope someone gets it on camera.