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Dele Alli's wondergoal recreated in hand-drawn animation

Dele Alli's rainbow flick goal gets a Swarbrick-esque animation treatment.

Hand-drawn animated recreations of football plays is all the rage these days. Most of that is due to illustrator and football fan Richard Swarbrick, who broke the internet back in 2011 with his animation of Gareth Bale destroying Inter Milan in the 2010-2011 Champions League.

Today, Tottenham Hotspur released a similar hand-drawn animation of Dele Alli's unbelievable rainbow flick goal against Crystal Palace a few weeks ago. The video was drawn and animated by Rhiannon Brackpool and Lorna Wheele and was released on Tottenham's official Spurs TV YouTube channel.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and this is a great example of football highlights being transformed into an artistic medium. I think we can all agree that Dele Alli's incredible strike is not only worthy of winning the Puskas Award but deserves to be seen in even more artistic ways. Animation, claymation, sculpture, 3D modeling, oil painting, found object collage... I want to see this goal in every single artistic medium ever.