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Harry Kane: Tottenham have no "bad eggs" and it's fueling their title run

Harry Kane says Spurs are a close side who like, support, and believe in one another, and that's been key to Spurs' run to second in the table.

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Harry Kane is enjoying his football, and his Tottenham Hotspur teammates. Spurs' iconic striker has credited the fantastic camaraderie in the Tottenham side as a hugely important part of their success this season, and one of the defining differences between this season and last season's performances.

"Even the players who don't play are still working hard in training and doing all the right things to try to get into the team, which is important.

"If you have one or two bad eggs, it can bring others down others –€” and we don't have that. Everyone is fighting for each other and we are in a lot of competitions, so people know they will play games to try to impress the manager. We've got to try to keep that belief high.

"It has been another year with the manager, building his philosophy. We had a good pre-season and we have a good bunch of lads."

Evening Standard

Now, Harry Kane is a fine, outstanding young man who I'm quite certain didn't really mean to implicate any former Tottenham Hotspur players that may have departed the club in the past eight months. That's not Harry's style to call out former players in the press, and if you asked him, he'd almost certainly vehemently deny that he's talking about anyone in particular.

However, there is without question the sense that Spurs have cleared out the "bad eggs" in the side ahead of and in the first part of the season. The departure of Younes Kaboul (and his Cabal), Etienne Capoue, Emmanuel Adebayor, Aaron Lennon, Benjamin Stambouli, and others have not only consolidated the squad around a core of Pochettino's preferred players, but it seems to have brought the squad much closer together. Follow any of the current Tottenham side on social media and you'll find numerous examples of players joshing around with each other, replying to one another, and generally looking like they're enjoying the company of their teammates.

Why, it's almost like a team plays better when they're friends and like one another! Take that, Tim Sherwood!