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A Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links February 12, 2016

Friday ftw

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Happy Friday, Spursland!

Yesterday I was a bit angsty about this whole weekend. Then I reminded myself to grow up, we're in a title race, and I should start enjoying it to the fullest. "Enjoying it to the fullest" probably best describes how I felt in the spring of 2010 leading up to that massive, now historic fixture at Eastlands. It was all uncharted, we were sitting on house money, and we decided to have a go. This is much the same, only much earlier in the season. I really can't wait to see us in another match of such significance, there really is a pageantry in them.

Plus, if I may talk of intangibles, this group really seems to relish a challenge. If it hasn't been Eric Dier becoming a stalwart defensive midfielder, Dele Alli taking the Premier League by storm at age 19, or Kevin Wimmer stepping in for Jan Vertonghen and not missing a beat, it's been something else. Since the passage of the first four games of this season, nothing much has slowed the group down.

Many have cited our lack of a big win on the road as a hurdle to clear this year, and if it's true that this iteration of Tottenham are indeed looking for mountains to climb, I would not be surprised to see us come out on fire this weekend.

Part of me is sad we have to wait until Sunday.

And now for the "news":

Spurs are lining up West Ham striking target for a summer transfer| Express

I see West Ham have become the new Tottenham of transfer rumors. "Hey, let's leak a rumor West Ham are after [insert client's name here] so we can drive the price up." I would empathize with the Eastenders if, well, they weren't who they are.

I saved this interview for today because it's so Harry Redknapp I can't even| Mirror

He gave this interview while hanging out of his Range Rover window, wiping bacon sandwich away, Rosie accompanying him in the passenger seat. If you tell me any different, I will fight you.

Alan Pardew warns Tottenham that Yannick Bolasie will be fit for FA Cup clash| Mirror

No word yet if he will be driving the bus Palace plan to park. Stay tuned to this space for breaking details.

Wait, that's our Ben Davies???| Wales Online

This is so adorable.

First touch of the gods| SB Nation Lookit

ImPressive, no?

I'll be here all night, ladies and gentlemen.