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What Dog: The Tottenham Hotspur Edition

There's a new social craze sweeping the internet. A web application called What Dog is the new cool thing that everyone is trying out. It's a facial recognition app that scans a photo of a face and describes what breed of dog it's supposed to be.

Of course the internet being the internet, found this site and saw that you can upload your own images for the software to detect. The fun began with celebs and politicians being scanned with funny results. Since we're hip and cool like the kids, why not scan a few Tottenham Hotspur player's faces and see what it has to say about them?

Harry Kane

No arguments here. He's intelligent on the pitch, a great athlete, and plays as a target striker alone by himself most of the time. Well done, What Dog!

Hugo Lloris

Uhh, sure. I've never met Hugo, but this certainly seems like an accurate description of the goalkeeper.

Jan Vertonghen

Strong? Check. Active? Check. Gentle and eager to please? Uhh...

Ben Davies

INTENSE STARES. Who knew that was an important characteristic in a dog?

Dele Alli

Yes. All of the above. Just yes.

Eric Dier

Well...That's the same as Harry's. That's weird.

Danny Rose