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A Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links February 17, 2016

Wednesday musings

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Happy Wednesday, Spursland!

We've had the Poche rumors to other clubs for a couple weeks now, and I don't expect them to end any time soon, but It is so nice to have a manager who is in demand, and at the same time is not actively sticking his leg out to the interested party.

I think most of us remember how much we loved Harry Redknapp after he Teflon-Don'd himself out of the tax evasion trial and then blasted Newcastle 5-0. I think most of us also remember how obvious it was that Harry had his head turned by the England job, and how a run of mediocre form followed. It's impossible to prove causation, of course, but there is correlation.

I'm not getting caught up in the "is he going to leave" business, that's for rags to sell papers and generate headline clicks. The reality that he doesn't entertain the medias probing into this issue is enough for me to love him as our manager even more. His single mindedness is wonderful.

And now for the "news":

Charlie Nicholas predicts Tottenham-Fiorentina score| Sky Sports

Are we going to do that thing between us and Viola Nation again this year where they try to banter and then Ben Daniels ethers them into semi-existence? Or as their supporters call it: 2002.

Christian Eriksen contracts details come into focus| London Evening Standard

Believe the contract extension. Don't believe the amount. That number is either an agent leak, and agents have agendas, or it's completely fabricated.

Michy to Spurs, while West Ham throw tantrum in the corner, still a headline| Metro

I gladly look forward to this two awesome striker reality again. If we, hypothetically, give Michy the number nine shirt, I'm going to have all the feels remembering Keano and Berbatov.

Tim Sherwood thinks Eriksen is a cold-blooded finisher| The Sport Review

And a natural right back, given the chance.

The Premier League is so rich it has started to care about the Europa League| Express

This, above all else, should contextualize how big the TV deal is.

AVB will not come back to the Premier League| Eurosport UK

I wonder if he'll end up at Valencia?