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Watch Tottenham players training in super slow motion


Tottenham Hotspur continue to improve their social media game, periodically releasing videos on their YouTube channelthat offer glimpses into the behind the scenes action at the club. Today, that means a Spurs TV video of Spurs training, but utilizing the club's super slow-motion camera.

I love these kinds of videos because, while they're not always particularly insightful, they're fun and interesting and help supporters feel just that much closer to the club they love. Some small things I noticed from the video:

  • Hey, these guys look like they're having fun! That's not supposed to happen, right Tim Sherwood?

  • There are glimpses of Nabil Bentaleb (who's NOT been banished to the U21s, apparently), Harry Winks, Ryan Mason, Josh Onomah (who's wearing training jersey #66, weird), and Tom Glover.

  • Ever wanted to see Dele Alli rainbow flick over his bro Eric Dier in super-slow motion? Now you can. Missed opportunity for a super slow-mo nutmeg though, Tottenham. Shame on you.

  • Danny Rose is the only one wearing a hat. This means something, probably.