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Tottenham could play in two locations during stadium build

Wembley Stadium or Milton Keynes? WHY NOT BOTH?

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

For months, Tottenham Hotspur supporters have been speculating about Spurs' temporary home in 2017-18 while they build their new stadium. Despite the ruminating, introspection, and arguments, in the end it has always come down to one essential question: would you rather see Tottenham Hotspur play its matches at Wembley Stadium, or at stadium:MK in Milton Keynes?

why not both

The Daily Mail recently reported that Spurs are in the process of negotiating a hybrid solution to its home-away-from-home issue whereby Spurs will play its 19 home league matches in 2017-18 at Wembley Stadium, and domestic & European cup matches in Milton Keynes.

While this is not a done deal (and won't be until any arrangement is announced by the club), if this is pulled off it's such a blindingly obvious choice that it's a wonder that nobody has thought of it until now. The biggest objections to playing league matches at Milton Keynes centered on the fact that it seats fewer supporters than White Hart Lane, and that it's in Milton Keynes, which is annoyingly outside of London and difficult for some supporters to reach. The objections, such as they are, to Wembley center around the large amount of money it would take to secure the use of the stadium, especially since Chelsea also wants to share it during the same year while they renovate Stamford Bridge.

So in this regard, a hybrid system makes a lot of sense. Wembley is large enough to fit more supporters into its cavernous bowl, and it's in London, which will help appease local supporters who find it difficult to travel. Domestic cups, by contrast, typically attract far fewer match-day attendees, especially in the early rounds. Since the rent for stadium:MK is almost certainly lower than Wembley (hence its attraction to Daniel Levy), moving the cups to Milton Keynes saves Tottenham money, gives MK Dons a little more money, and lessens the number of events held in Wembley. Spurs supporters won't grumble as much about domestic cup matches being in Milton Keynes because, hey, it's a cup match. Everybody wins!

The sticking point will be the "European Cup matches" part. Spurs look very likely to make the Champions League (touch wood) next season, and could stay in the competition in 2017-18 as well, which would make them very desirable matches to supporters. Europa League matches against Eastern Europe FC is one thing, but trying to cram supporters into 30k-seat stadium:MK for a Champions League match is an entirely different prospect. However, an anonymous source has informed me that if Spurs do qualify for UCL, the FA would very likely allow those matches to be played in Wembley for a greater cut of the match-day revenue, and if Spurs can guarantee a minimum attendance (which shouldn't be an issue).

It's important to reiterate that this is still, as of yet, just speculation. But holy crap, if this is pulled off it would be a pretty sweet Daniel Levy Jedi Business Master move, one that would appease most supporters and save the club a bit of money while they build their new digs. There's not a whole lot to dislike here.