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A Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links February 19, 2016

Friday ftw

Gabriele Maltinti/Getty Images

Happy Friday, Spursland!

Enough about today, though. Do you know what would make it a great Sunday? Josh Onomah starting in the FA Cup. Now that we've got this rotation thing down there is no reason we shouldn't see him, Erik Lamela, [insert attacker here], and Harry Kane named in the starting XI against Palace. There is literally no better time to get him starter's minutes with something resembling our first team.

As to not convolute my thesis, that is all.

Now for the "news":

Kane, Vardy, and Rooney are giving Hodgson a selection dilemma| Mirror

The England manager has it easy with Kane and Vardy as he only needs to concentrate on bringing out their best. Roy's got a much trickier decision on his hands in choosing which version of Ol' Yeller to show Rooney in hopes that he gets the analogy.

Ryan Mason was proud to captain the side, so he tweeted about it| The Sport Review

I want him to fast forward to the part of his career where he's basically 2012 Scotty Parker. We all want that to happen, right? Oh shut up, I know he's nothing like Scott Parker, let me be lazy and make stupid comments.

Emmanuel Adebayor asked if he will celebrate if he scores against Tottenham| NBC Sports

We probably knew the answer.

Aritz Adruiz scores a goal almost as fun as saying his name| SB Nation Soccer

Seriously though, his name might be better than that goal.