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A clever new Mauricio Pochettino song to sing

The sport of football is all about culture. One thing that sets it apart from almost all the other sports in the world is the way the supporters are the bloodline of any club. Their traditions and customs can make or break a club's identity. One of the biggest aspects of supporter culture are the songs that are sang around the stadium and in the pubs.

Spurs have a lot of good ones, and a few that are iconic (Spurs go marching in), but one for their inspiring manager, Mauricio Pochettino, has yet to emerge. I humbly submit to you this one:

Sung to the tune of Pilot's "Magic". This is a very clever and original song in honor of the Tottenham Hotspur boss. Finally a song to sing about the gaffer that has captured the heart of Spurs supporters everywhere.

"Mauricio Pochettino" isn't exactly the easiest of names to rhyme with. It's taken a real wordsmith to come up with a natural sounding song like this that works and is applicable.