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Tottenham Hotspur vs. Crystal Palace 2016 live streaming: Time, TV schedule and how to watch FA Cup online

Oh-ohhhh it's maaagic... you knoooowwwww... Mauricio Pochitiiinooooooo

Ian Walton/Getty Images

The FA Cup is back! Can you feel the magic? Tottenham Hotspur are hosting Crystal Palace in the Round of 16 at White Hart Lane. It's the third time this season that these two teams have faced each other, with Spurs winning both of them.

But this is the FA Cup, and when there's magic swirling around all of the place like in this competition, who knows what will happen? Emmanuel Adebayor is now suiting up in red and blue stripes instead of lilywhite, and apparently he's motivated to get one back on the site that cut him back in September. Well, they need SOME sort of motivation, since Palace hasn't won in the league in their last nine matches. In fact, their ONLY wins since mid-December have come in the FA Cup.

Tottenham, by contrast, are rolling: unbeaten in their last eight matches in all competitions, they're still competing in three competitions and have a non-negligible chance to win all three of them. Crystal Palace stands on the way of a trip to the last eight in the most magical competition in world soccer.

Unfortunately, the match is only on the regional Fox Sports channels, isn't on TV at all in England, and is legally streamed only via the subscription-only Fox Soccer2Go. That's some bad soccer juju. Try the radio.  Avada kedavra!


How to Watch

Date/time: Sunday, January 21, 2016, 3:00 p.m. (UK), 10:00 p.m. ET (USA)
Venue: White Hart Lane, North London, UK
Official: Craig Pawson
TV: Fox Sports regional channels [check listings] (USA), not televised (UK), Sportsnet World (Canada), ESPN2 Australia), other listings at
Streaming: Fox Soccer2Go (USA)
Radio: Audio streamed at, also BBC Radio London and TalkSport

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