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What will Harry Kane's protective face mask look like?

We're not talking about any old player (like Diego Costa.) This is Harry Kane. He needs something special. And we're just the ridiculous Tottenham Hotspur blog to come up with it.

Earlier today we found out that Harry Kane broke his nose in Sunday's FA Cup loss, thanks to a Crystal Palace elbow, and he'll likely be wearing a face mask for the next few weeks while it heals. Not only that, but he might sit out Thursday's Europa League fixture against Fiorentina to give his schnozz a couple of extra days to heal.

But that's beside the point, really. Because we're wondering what in the world will his mask look like?

We have a couple of ideas.

Darth Vader

"When I left you, Tim Sherwood, I was but the learner. Now I am the master!"


Mexican Luchador

As part of a horrible storyline, Kane will be unmasked by Kevin Nash. When he puts the Luchador mask back on, we'll pretend that never happened. His finishing move is called El Beso Abierto de la Muerte.


A cut-out mask of his own face

It's incredibly meta, but why not just make Harry Kane wear a mask of Harry Kane's own face? That way he doesn't spook any children or small animals. Thankfully, Spurs already have a template from last year's League Cup final party kit. Harry Kane... wearing a Harry Kane mask. It's Kane-ception. BWAAAAAAAMMMMMMM!


He is the striker we deserve, and also the one we want right now. He's a silent scorer, a watchful poacher. A dark knight.

The Mask



Eyes Wide Shut, Mouth Wide Open

"The password is... Fidelio."

Silence of the Lambs

"Totally buzzing to be eating Kaboul's liver with fava beans and a nice Chianti."

silence of the kane

Guy Fawkes

"Remember remember the second of November, when I scored that brilliant free kick to beat Aston Villa."

Guy Kane

Got any more ideas? Put yours in the comments below!