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A Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links February 24, 2016

Wednesday is for waxing theoretic.

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Happy Wednesday, Spursland!

This year has been a great surprise, full of wonderful play, individual and collective. Granted, we have no idea how the season will resolve itself, but, as things presently stand, that last descriptor "collective" has been crucial. While we've undoubtedly relied on individual brilliance from the likes of Harry Kane, Dele Alli, and Erik Lamela, we've also have the fewest goals conceded and best goal difference. Statuses that cannot be achieved through individual talent alone.

The reason I've focused on the collective today is that now, more than ever, that collective strength will be tested. We've been a fairly healthy bunch this year, creating a level of stability in the squad that has showed on the pitch. However, starting with Jan Vertonghen's injury against Crystal Palace one month ago and culminating in Tom Carroll and Mousa Dembele's injuries this past week, we've seen the squad take on some injuries that have finally stretched us thin. True, Kevin Wimmer has stepped in splendidly for Vertonghen, but if Carroll and Dembele's injuries force them to miss significant time, it will take similar levels of fill in performances from players like Ryan Mason and Nabil Bentaleb in these next weeks to ensure the team's play remains at the highest levels.

Those two players were tipped to be major contributors this year and, frankly, have had little to do with the squad since it has begun it's ascension of the table. All is not lost, however. This could be their chance to do their part, and playing their part does not entail being hero, trying to earn a spot in the starting XI with wonder goals and flare, but by fulfilling their role in this collective thing we've got going on.

And now for the "news":

Dembele a doubt for Fiorentina| London Evening Standard

At least I keep my 300 word rants topical, right?

Becks has been impressed with Tottenham's young, English talent| The Sport Review

He thinks he could teach them a thing or two in the hair department, though.

Bale's agent rubbishes claims that injuries will force Madrid to sell him| Mirror

What a ridiculous headline. Clearly, it's because he's decided to become a modern day ronin and they don't want him executed while living out his double life on their tab. Ed Woodward, on the other hand, is on record as being cool with it.

Your one stop shop for all things Champions League| SB Nation Soccer

Iniesta's barber's number not included.