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Jimmy Greaves Told He Will Never Walk Again

Sad news about the Tottenham Legend

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Last year, Tottenham great Jimmy Greaves suffered a stroke. Though he has been recovering for the past year, he was told by his Doctors that he will likely never walk again, according to Sky Sports.

"I remain in a wheelchair and it's now likely I will stay this way for the rest of my life.

"The doctors have told me I won't walk again and that I will always need ongoing care.

"It was devastating to hear them say that but I will never stop trying to get better - and the main thing is that I'm still here fighting all the way."

Though he played for four different clubs, Greaves is best known for his time at Tottenham Hotspur, where he scored 220 goals in 321 appearances for the club. During his time at Spurs, the striker was a crucial component of the most successful era in Spurs history, winning two FA Cups and the European Cup Winners Cup, the first European trophy ever won by an English team. He was due to be inducted into Spurs' Hall of Fame prior to his stroke. He is currently scheduled to be inducted alongside Steve Perryman on April 20th.

Like many Spurs fans today, I'm not old enough to have seen Greaves play in person. He retired before I was even born. But perhaps more than any player of his era, you can go look at his highlights and truly understand how exciting and vital that Tottenham Hotspur team was. Even today, his movement and understanding of the game are still something to behold. It is difficult to watch anyone grow old, but it is particularly hard for someone who was once so vital and active. Greaves will undoubtedly continue to fight to get better and his life is hardly over. But no matter what happens, the ravages of time can never take away what he did and what it meant to the people who saw it.