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Tottenham's Josh Onomah has now signed two contract extensions in seven months

Spurs' Academy graduate now signed through 2020

Ian Walton/Getty Images

This morning, Spurs announced that Josh Onomah signed a new contract, keeping him at Tottenham Hotspur through 2020.

"But wait," you ask. "Didn't he just sign a contract extension last summer?" Why yes! Yes he did! You do a great job paying attention. Give yourself a pat on the back.

Onomah did sign a contract back in July, one that ran through 2019. He even got a picture of him joining the Law Firm of Pochettino & Levy. So why on earth did Spurs suddenly sign him to a one year extension? Especially when that year is three years away?

Some of the tabloids are talking about how this is to fend off clubs like Liverpool and Chelsea. That is only true insomuch as this is probably about giving him a raise. While this will make it harder to pry him away from Spurs, this is almost assuredly about rewarding his performances. Since he signed that contract in the summer, Onomah has worked his way into Tottenham's first team. He's drawn some shockingly enthusiastic praise from Pochettino about his work in training and in games. At only 18 years old, Onomah has put in impressive shifts against teams like Monaco and already surpassed veterans like Andros Townsend in Pochettino's pecking order.

It's a testament to how well he's performed that apparently he wasn't even considered for a loan during the transfer window.

In any case, on a team that prioritizes developing young talent, this was probably a no-brainer for Josh. Hopefully he enjoys the raise he just got and we see him a little more often during the stretch run.

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