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POLL: Which goal was better? Vardy's volley or Alli's acrobatic strike?

When Dele Alli scored his amazing goal against Crystal Palace in January it became the hands down favorite for Goal of the Year in the Premier League and possibly the whole world. The trophy was already being engraved with his name.However, less than a month later there's already a challenger to Alli's potential crown.

If Leicester City are this year's storybook team, then Jamie Vardy has to be their Cinderella. The 29-year-old striker has come out of nowhere to become the Premier League's leading scorer this season.

His goal last night against Liverpool to help give his side win to keep them atop the Premier League table was inarguably his best of the season and probably his career. The skill it takes to hit a volley can't be questioned, so there's no doubt it was a top goal. But was it better than Dele Alli's? You be the judge:

Jamie Vardy

Dele Alli