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A Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links February 5, 2016

Friday ftw

Michael Regan/Getty Images

Happy Friday, Spursland!

While some of us have, present company excluded, been clamoring and begging for striking reinforcements this winter, Tottenham chose instead to play it close to the vest. A lot of the Enic Out! crew stood at attention and fulfilled their solemn vows by for f*** saking Daniel Levy every chance they got.

Then comes the news today that Spurs are actually in a way financially because of building the new stadium. Everybody knows how great it will be long term, but long term glory does not pay short term bills. Credit to Mauricio Pochettino, our fearless manager, for telling it how it is. Talking football is one thing, but I can't imagine talking to the press about financial matters in a language one is still learning can be fun.

Moral of the story: Spurs are flush with cash, but have to use much of it on the stadium, necessitating smart transfers, not Stoke level player binges.

Instead of Michy, we've got Son. Instead of strikers, we've got one. It's a hard knock life.

And now for the "news":

The article that spawned a Hoddle| The Guardian

I am thinking of coopting the phrase "arriving in a good way". Like when I don't want to go to a party.

"Vince, will you be coming over for our mixer on Saturday night?"

"Sadly, I would like my Sunday to arrive in a good way, so no. Thank you, though!"

Michael Own predicts a winner in Spurs-Watford| The Sport Review

Calling what Michael Owen writes "a column" is applying the meaning loosely. To be honest Etienne Capoue probably worked harder in training for Spurs than Owen does on these predictions. My goodness.

Martin Keown: 'I thought Spurs were soft, but now they must challenge for a treble'| Express

I can't tell if he's being nice or taking the piss. Damn you, Keown, you magnificent b******.

Niko Krancjar training with the Cosmos| NY Cosmos official site

Thank god this window sill outside of his hotel room gets good wifi reception.

Dave Mirra dead at 41| SB Nation

X-Games were never my thing, but these guys have serious athleticism. Even I knew who Mirra was. Sad.