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Harry Kane admires internet memes of himself

When you become a superstar in the world of sports like Harry Kane has, you become a pop culture and internet sensation. Jokes, gags, and memes of you pop up all over the internet. Some in good fun, some are mean-spirited. It just comes with the territory.

There's a good chance you've seen most of the iconic Harry Kane memes floating around the internet over the past year or so. Whether it's the iconic "Harrikane" meme created by one of CFC's own Ryan Rosenblatt:

Or the Citizen Kane photo alongside Mauricio Pochettino:

And of course there's the Superman meme that is easily applicable as he's been Spurs' Superman for the better part of two seasons:

There are so many good memes out there for Harry. So much so that Spurs TV sat down with him and discussed them with the man himself. So, what does Harry think for the internet's love for him?

What's your favorite Harry Kane meme?