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Tottenham 1-0 Watford: Community Player Ratings

Yay! Tottenham won!

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Tottenham are second! I KNOW! Spurs hosted Watford this past weekend and put together one of their best overall performances of the season en route to a 1-0 win that takes them up to 2nd in the table, ahead of Arsenal by goal differential and five points back of Leicester.

So once again, here's your chance to vote on the player ratings for Saturday's match. We'll tally the results and keep you posted on how things are going. Still no update graphic today – those lawyer bills won't charge themselves, you know.

By now, you know how it works, but let's lay out the rating system just in case you've forgotten.

10: World Class or Amazing

9: Very good

8: Good

7: Above Average

6: Average

5: Below Average

4: Bad

3: Very bad

2: Abysmal

1: I dunno, this is like trying to gift-wrap a cat or something.

Without further delay, here you go.