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A Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links March 11, 2016

Oh boy oh boy

Alex Grimm/Getty Images

Good morning!

Instead of going with scathing takes this morning, I'm opting to take our first pasting of the campaign in stride. Will that help me understand why we decided to trot out that lineup yesterday? No. Conversely, becoming wrath like a young David Mills won't do me any good either, leaving me to choose the mellower route.

We've probably all seen it suggested that yesterday was a job interview for our midfielders. I don't think that was the intention, but it was damning evidence about their levels, compared to the European elite.

But I don't want to focus on that. Sometimes the Germans just get it right. Like this song I'll leave you with now as an enduring tribute to Bavarian creativity.

And now for the "news":

Eriksen thought Spurs gave Dortmund too much space|

Something like that.

Armenian dude thought it would be a different game| FourFourTwo

They, too, were seduced by the legend of Tom Carroll's performance against Leicester City's backups.

Carlos Vela likes Chris Brown|

So much he's willing to call in sick to his day job to see him. His day job is a footballer.