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Dele Alli and Kyle Walker play the electric shock lie detector game

There's a new party game that's taking the world by storm. Or so, I'm told. No one ever invites me to their parties, so I just go by what I see on YouTube. It's called the "Electric Shock Lie Detector". Basically it works like a normal lie detector test. You get asked a question, you answer, then it judges if you're telling the truth. If you're deemed to be honest? You're safe. If it thinks you're lying? Well...As the name infers, you get a shock.

Spurs TV thought it'd be a smart idea to put two of their players through this cruel and unusual game. So, they got Dele Alli and Kyle Walker to play. They took turns asking each other questions until one of them felt the wrath of the Electric Shock Lie Detector.

Which one received the shocking surprise? Well, you'll have to watch to find out! *insert Dramatic Chipmuck gif*