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Introducing Arsenal March Madness: the Greatest Twitter Arguments Bracket


David Ramos/Getty Images

It's time for March Madness, and we thought we'd get in on the fun.

For the uninitiated, one of America's greatest sporting traditions has just kicked off. A whopping 68 teams have qualified for the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship, with preliminary rounds underway. That sets up a 64-team single-elimination bracket, with play in the tournament proper starting on Thursday. We've come up with our own brackets to decide something near and dear to our hearts: the best arguments people have on Twitter.

We'll be having two separate brackets, for the best Tottenham Hotspur and Arsenal arguments. Below, you can find the 64 arguments that the selection committee picked out for our Gooners edition of March Madness, appropriately seeded and placed into regions.

Seed #DatGuyWelbz Region #WengerOut Region #TearsforPiers Region St. Totteringham's Day Region
1 Özil is the best 10 in the league Fourth place is like a trophy Giroud is good enough/crap How much better are our fans than theirs?!?
2 Sanchez is the best wide forward in the league Our squad is already good enough Why we'll win the league this year Kane: 1-season wonder or good?
3 Cech is the best keeper in the league [player] returning from injury is like a new signing Was RVP a traitor? I wish we had Pochettino
4 Ramsey is the best CM in the league If only we spent money We deserved to win because we had 65% possession A combined Spuds/Arsenal XI would have at least 10 Gunners
5 Coquelin is the best DM in the league Why didn't we bring Cesc back?!? Ryan Shawcross should be in prison Harry Kane was an Arsenal player first
6 Bellerin is the best RB in the league Wenger has no ambition Highbury actually had atmosphere Spuds will always be a small club
7 Giroud is the best striker in the league Why did we bring back Flamini? Bergkamp is the most underrated player ever Are West Ham bigger than Spuds?
8 Kos is the best CB in the league You can't win anything with kids Is Ramsey a 6, 8, 10 or winger? Why are Spuds so obsessed with us?
9 Per is the best CB in the league Sign more veterans If Wilshere was fit he'd be the GOAT One League Cup means f all
10 Welbeck could become the best striker in the league Why did we let Flamini go to Milan? Did Wenger see it? Danny Rose was lucky, you lose that game 99/100 times
11 Gibbs is the best LB in the league Tulsa Are Barcelona evil? You never deserved Sol
12 The DM we buy this summer will become the best in the league Replace Wenger with [Arsenal legend] We don't play like champions Walcott could still turn out better than Bale
13 Ox would be world class if we moved him to CM and trained him up At least Wenger doesn't cheat by spending money Özil is actually bad It was 1913 you knobs, get over it
14 Szczesny could become the best keeper in the league Our players are always injured because of Wenger's methods Every player who left us for City only cares about money What the hell is Woolwich?
15 Walcott is the best wide forward in the league Sign someone, anyone Mourinho only wins because he cheats by playing anti-football Kane is just a crap Giroud
16 Wilshere could have been the best 10 in the league Denilson and Bendtner were actually great but Wenger couldn't develop them The Champions League draw is fixed Actually, you've got no fans

Dustin will be rolling out the Spurs Argument Bracket later on Wednesday.

If you're wondering if this will be subject to a vote: no, it will not. We had a selection committee, but the winners will be determined by the writers themselves, so you're extremely free to argue. We'll be rolling out the regional over the next few days, leading up to the Final Four. Sit back and enjoy March Madness!