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Tottenham scouts dispatched to Belgium for Anderlecht-Shakhtar match

A match loaded with talent just ripe for the taking!

Dean Mouhtaropoulos/Getty Images

Tottenhm Hotspur play Borussia Dortmund in the second leg of Europa League play today, but while that match is going on, Spurs have taken note of another tie in the round that is stockpiled with talent that the club can possibly poach for next year.

According to a Twitter account that appears to cover Anderlecht news and rumors, 19 clubs across Europe have sent scouts to this match. Ten other English clubs are making the trip, featuring the likes of Manchester United, Arsenal, Manchester City, Leicester City, and Southampton among others. It's a who's who when it comes to scouting. The full list is below:

Considered to be the top prize in this tie is everyone's favorite FIFA 16 career mode player to buy, Anderlecht midfielder Youri Tielemans. While the teenager has had some issues getting into the Anderlecht squad this season, he's still considered one of the best young prospects in Europe and is going to command a sizable fee.

One player who has not had issues getting into Anderlecht's squad like Tielemans is attacking midfielder Dennis Praet. The 21-year-old Belgian has made 35 appearances this season so far, netting four goals along the way. He's played a number of positions this season, showing his versatility. You can choose what to believe when it comes to rumors for him, but the Metro has said that Liverpool are considering a bid of 22.5m, even though they have approximately 84 midfielders on their squad. [citation needed.]

Shakhtar are no slouches when it comes to talent available as well. 23-year-old Brazilian midfielder Bernard has been criticized in the past for possibly wasting his talent, but as a player who can play on either wing or at the #10, he's still going to attract bigger clubs that need depth in their attacking band.

A name you might not be familiar with from the Ukranian side is 20-year-old Viktor Kovalenko. He's mainly been a substitute for his home country's club. He isn't blessed with great pace, but his technical ability is widely praised. He may or may not get a chance to showcase it tonight, given his place on the roster.

Rounding out the list of players you should watch for is Fred. Now, this isn't the Fred you remember from the 7-1 thrashing that Brazil had handed to them at the 2014 World Cup against Germany. This Fred is Frederico Rodrigues Santos. He's made 12 appearances for Shakhtar this season and has scored a couple of goals, and at 23-years-old, it's believed that he could still improve and thrive with the right club. He's in the same boat as Kovalenko as he may be left home for the trip, but he's still going to be a name to listen for this Summer.

Some other names to pay attention to are Wellington Nem, Frank Acheampong, and Stéphane Badji.

Most, if not all of these names, are going to be linked to larger clubs this Summer and it's almost a guarantee that Spurs will be included in the race for players like Tielemans and Praet. Whether or not they're bat country links remains to be seen, but this is a match that you should definitely check out and take note of the players above if they are included in the squad.