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Tottenham stadium plans prioritize more season tickets for Enfield and Haringey residents

Save time, read below.

Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

Tottenham Hotspur recently made their full planning agreement for the new stadium available to the public. The release was broken down into three separate documents and my goodness there was a lot to read. You can access the documents here if you want to investigate them yourself. If instead you are conscious of your own mortality and would like to save a few moments in your fleeting, insignificant (in terms of the cosmic universe) existence — then read some details below.


Spurs will advertise supply chain opportunities that will arise from the stadium's construction to local businesses in Haringey and Enfield. The hope seems to be that local commercial enterprises will snatch up these contracts before outsiders do.

Spurs will also provide workshops to local businesses to essentially give a "how-to" guide to extract contracts from the stadium development. The club will offer four seminars, for five years, to equip residents to profit from the NDP.


If you live and around White Hart Lane, you are in luck. Spurs will reserve 2500 new season tickets for residents of both Enfield and Haringey. This will amount to a total of 5000 tickets allocated to locals. The same idea will apply to priority booking for Premier League match-day tickets. Like the season ticket plan, 2500 tickets will be reserved for residents of Haringey and Enfield, accept this will be rolled out on a game to game basis.

Electric Vehicle Parking

We support a progressive, environmentally friendly club that is also forward thinking and embracing inevitable future technological trends. Also, more electric cars in use equals less cash for Chelsea and City (kind of / not really / not at all), so that is pretty cool.

Further, cycling is predicted to account for 1% of all the attendees and Spurs are planning to accommodate this. Tottenham is no Amsterdam, but its nice to see that cyclists are being taken care of.

Gameday Access

Spurs are planning an entire revamp of White Hart Lane Station, while Worcester Avenue looks to get a makeover. Whether the latter of these things is good or not depends on how much you trust Spurs to follow through with their promises to improve local business and not simply replace them.

Considerate Constructors' Scheme

Yes, this is the heading of an entire section in the report. Essentially Spurs promise to be both quiet and clean throughout the building process. Good luck with that promise.

Pre & Post Game Stadium Attractions

Tottenham will be bringing roughly 30,000 more people per match to the new stadium. Considering that the new stadium is being built right next to the old one, there are legitimate concerns about overcrowding as the amount of people traveling to see Spurs will double. For this reason, Tottenham are making a big push to get people into the stadium early. As the hour before kickoff will clearly be the most hectic, Spurs are offering a pre-game lineup that will pull people off the streets and into the stadium. Incentives for fans include:

  • A significant upgrade of culinary treats. Both food and drink will be of higher quality, greater variety, and will be available well before kickoff. Spurs promise limited queues for their guests and will provide some designated areas for seating to consume said food and tasty beverages.
  • "Early bird price incentives". Looks like some sort of discount on the price of tickets or food or both. Don't know how it'd work, maybe a small discount or a free beer, but this has the potential for success.
  • Free access to museum and specific parts of the Tottenham experience
  • A media barrage of pre-game shows, along with player and manager interviews.

Tottenham will also try to get supporters to stay late. They disclosed a stated goal of having at least 15,000 spectators stay for 45 minutes after the match. Spurs will entice fans by providing a man of the match presentation, post match interviews with key players, a post-match interview with the manager, and Sky programming that will bring highlights of relevant Premier League and Champions League fixtures to the crowd.

All of this sounds somewhat cool, they are certainly trying to create a spectacle here, but try to get 15,000 supporters to stay after we drop points to Stoke at home. Not likely.

Lastly, there is the NFL. As London is five hours ahead of the US, a full day of NFL games are available to watch after every single NFL game held at the new stadium. Due to this, Spurs will be providing free post-game viewing of live stateside NFL action in the stadium.

I actually like a lot of these plays. The interviews, however annoying they will be for the players and Poche, are definitely attractive for the fan. The idea of showing NFL games later in the day in the stadium is a pretty cool concept too. The big worry here is this: Spurs have promised to support local business, but how much revenue are they stealing by trying to monopolize the hour before and after every match? I doubt this will be the case, but if it is, look out, outrage will ensue.