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A Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links March 18, 2016

We travel lightly from here

Tom Dulat/Getty Images

Good morning!

Our European adventure is over this year and I can't say that makes me feel great, but after the drubbing in Dortmund, it was always the outcome. Yesterday was a tough match, but we saw what a difference a couple key players made in the team. I'm not sure our first team pulls us through the tie, but I think it would've been a drama filled 180 minutes instead of the one sided affair it became.

It's clear some of our current players aren't going to cut it at the Champions League level, but I was interested to see how a few finally started to adjust to the pace of play in the second half. Dortmund don't give time the opposition time to dwell and we struggled with that for the whole game in Germany, but at times in the second half we were playing quick sequences of simple passes, earning the right to play. It was encouraging because that is how to consistently unlock elite defensive teams. Individual brilliance is a just a nice charm to have in the back pocket.

Ultimately, it's all over, though. We're a one competition team now and, despite pangs of disappointment over our how our cup runs have ended, I'm ready to see how this ride ends.

And now for the "news":

We need to move on, says Eric|

And he dares anyone who has the guts to say Spurs won't push on to tell him to his face. He's already not sleeping tonight as he breaks Arsenal and West Ham supporters thumbs who got to bantering on Twitter yesterday. Oh, and about you Hammers, you lost to a team from Malta in the play-in rounds, maybe pipe down.

Mauricio: Spurs must take the positives from this experience| Sky Sports

Our manager has some big picture comments here. That's pretty rare in football even if they are mixed in with other footballspeak.

Tournament is off and running| SB Nation

I was going to make fun of Little Rock, but then I realized I realized I don't know one thing about it aside from the forced integration of a school in the 1950s. So now I kind of want them to win more so they have something to cherish.