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A Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links March 2, 2016

Links posted from the other side of the Atlantic for extra freshness.

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Good morning Tottenham fans! You may notice that your morning news links post has a slightly different flavour this morning: light, sophisticated, with the slightly bitter tang that comes with years of sporting disappointment on the international stage. This is because your Hoddle of Coffee has been replaced, for today only, with a nice cup of virtual English breakfast tea. Like my blogging spirit animal Emmanuel Adebayor, a period of relative lethargy in keeping up with sporting matters saw me in self-enforced exile for a few months; however, with a Hoddle-gap in our content having emerged today- and with every other member of CFC's masthead and some of their spouses, mothers and young children having turned the job down- I've been asked to step into the fold and provide you with your news update this morning. You're welcome.

Spurs are the new title favourites with Sky Bet | Sky Sports

In other news, bookies who took bets at the start of the season on me severely hyperventilating for two straight months between now and May are starting to pay out already.

Tottenham continue to harvest rewards from Pochettino's methods | The Guardian

Almost half of this article is dedicated to talking about a handshaking rule which Poche implemented when he first joined the club, which I think carries a clear message for everyone reading- that the Guardian becoming a paid service may not necessarily be a bad thing.

Villa 'not equipped for the Championship', says Joey Barton | BBC Sport

Unless it's the World Championship of Pathos, where their place in the final has been booked since around August.

More than half of UK fans travelling to Euros will not have tickets, says Foreign Office | The Mirror

A rather sorry band turning up at the tournament with no real right to be there and getting straight home almost immediately? I... don't think I need to finish this one.