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A Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links March 21, 2016

Manic Monday

Clive Rose/Getty Images

Good morning!

Another dominant performance in the bag, another three points. There was something ferocious about the first half, a half in which Bournemouth were lucky to escape only down two goals. We were brilliant, and there isn't much to add to that.

What I will add to the conversation is a note I made during the match yesterday. Dele Alli continues to be an amazing cog in this machine, carrying out his role with an edge that is part dark arts, part a***hole of the highest order. On the other hand he has all the skills and tricks to make the crowd get out of their seats at a moments notice. But it's not even just that combination. Aside from the skill set and his nasty disposition, he works like an animal for the team, yet we rarely see him throwing in challenges that stretch the defense to its limits.

Thinking in terms of Dutchmen to play the game, he's a combination of Mark van Bommel, Rafa van der Vaart, and Dirk Kuyt. That is an amazing combo for a young man still in his teens. We have seven matches left this year and something tells me that, given the light fixture list from here in, we're about to a well rested Alli perform at a whole new level.

And now for the "news":

Tottenham the best we've played says Howe| London Evening Standard

I feel a little bit for them after we took a shot like this a couple weeks ago in Dortmund. The days we lock down attacks are really impressive to watch. Seeing Eric Dier applauded off the pitch yesterday was nice because he is a massive part of this club's turnaround.

Mauricio: We need to believe we can catch Leicester City| NBC Sports

Teams playing against Leicester City have to remember it's not against the law to score goals against mediocre defense. Kanté is one man for the love of everything holy. One man! I refuse to believe that choosing to defend that deeply with Wes Morgan and Robert Huth as center backs is a title winning strategy.

Tottenham loanee Grant Ward mentioned by Warnock after another Millers win| Sheffield Star

It's nice to be singled out by the manager, which is some solace when that manager has to be Neil Warnock. Has anyone actually seen Rotherham play this year? I'd like some confirmation of how he looks against Championship competition.

Serena Williams begs to differ with a CEO| SB Nation Tennis

She has good points, but, let's be honest, they aren't difficult points to make. A fair percentage of rich dudes have weird power complexes that come out in the way they talk about people. This tendency makes me very angry and I hope the reverse cop experience on the Chappelle Show one day happens to them.