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Dele Alli lives the tekkers life

Dele Alli is a special footballer. In a sea of ordinary players, he is a majestic creature. A rare species that is worth sifting through the massive amounts of mediocrity to find.

English players aren't typically known for their flair. Dele Alli is not your typical player. He is a bundle of energy and skill let onto a football pitch and unleashed on a world oblivious to his amazingness. He's taken that world by storm this Premier League season flashing all of his eye-catching skills and even let slip a few hot-headed outbursts. That's just what you get with him. A young player with no fear or limitations, one that believes he can do anything with a football at his feet and pretty much can.

You might think all of these words for a simple vine of a meaningless flick are too much, but that's the way Dele Alli makes you feel when he's out there playing. He turns the most simple action into a spectacle. This is why we watch this sport. In hopes that through the mundane, a special light shines out. Dele Alli is that light and he's truly a pleasure to watch on a weekly basis.

Now, here's a vine of dope skill from yesterday's match: