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WATCH: Heung-Min Son plays 'What's in the box?'

To break up this sloooooow monotonous grind of the international break, SpursTV is always a great time-waster to ease the pain of not having Tottenham Hotspur in our lives.

Their brilliant ideas keep flowing this week as they got Heung-Min Son to join the fun and play a game called "What's in the box?". A simple game where someone (for some reason) is forced to stick their hand blindly inside a box and guess what's inside by the way it feels.

Sonny is only forced to guess one item, but his roller coaster of reactions along the way is hilariously entertaining. Watch as an unsuspecting Son attempts to identify what is actually in the box.

I love Sonny so much. He seems like the coolest guy that you'd just want to hang out with and have the best time with. I wonder if he'd be my friend? We could go on adventures together and talk football all day. Sonny, if you're reading this, please be my friend.