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Eric Dier and Dele Alli take their bromance international

More wacky hijinks from the two bestest friends in the England squad.

What's better than the continuing bromance between Eric Dier and Dele Alli? Well, not much. But now they're taking it beyond the cozy confines of White Hart Lane and into the England national team.

Both Dier and Alli (along with Harry Kane, Kyle Walker, and Danny Rose) were named to the England national team that's set to play friendlies in Germany on March 26 and home to the Netherlands on March 29. The England social media team got Alli on video talking about his first international goal against France earlier this season.

Or tried to. Eric had other plans, apparently.

Yep, that's Dier lurking in the background with his cellphone, taking his own video, doing his best to make Dele nervous and screw up his interview on camera. Alli's reaction here is almost better than the sight of Dier casually strolling past the window, camera in hand. Why Dele, whatever would make you so nervous?

In a season that has been emphatically great for Tottenham Hotspur, the burgeoning buddy comedy of Dier and Alli has absolutely been a high point. I continue to love these two. This is just the latest example of good-natured banter, practical jokes, and general hanky-panky that has surrounded these two guys all year. These guys are brothers from another mother. Two peas in a pod. I wish I had a friend as good as these two.

Now I'm anxiously waiting for Dier to post the video of him trying to screw Alli up on his own Twitter account. Make it happen, Eric!