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A Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links March 24, 2016

The sound of Thursday silence

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

Good morning!

Or should I say "hello darkness my old friend".

Today marks the first of our football-less Thursdays. Forget that no domestic clubs are playing this Thursday because of the international break, it still hurts. What, pre tel, are Thursdays for if not trips to Eastern Europe, or participation in the Europa League's vaunted Round of 32?

We'll just have to get through this together.

All joking aside, though, if we had to lose, I would rather get knocked out of Europa at this stage by a Champions League-level squad than meet them in the semifinals after beating on weaker clubs. We had a pretty good run of fixtures on Thursday nights this season and I hope the squad learned some valuable lessons from them.

Now for the "news":

England to start multiple Tottenham players against ze Germans| Mirror

I thought about not linking this article because the Mirror has a tendency to HIGHLIGHT or ACCENTUATE words with all caps. Only my dad gets to communicate with me in all caps, thank you, I don't need it from my media outlets.

Seriously though, my dad sends me text messages in all caps 90% of the time and in no discernible format: spacing and spelling be damned. I thought of starting a tumblr called "Post modern texts with dad", but then I remembered I'm a grown man.

Spurs are scouting Taylor Moore| The Sun

The question is not if he signs for us (go home West Ham, you suck) but with what player he strikes up a bromance to rival the Dele-Eric love festival.

New deal for Kane|

I've said this before, but I'll say it again: there is reason to believe the rumor of a new deal, but I do not trust the numbers. They may be correct, but there is really no way of corroborating. Within this piece, Eriksen's new deal is mentioned and quoted at 80k per week when just weeks ago, another outlet claimed it was 50.

Champions League could be getting a makeover| Guardian

Only time will tell if the makeover is good or the equivalent of a London/New York socialite who has had too many botox sessions.