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A Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links March 31, 2016

So long, March!

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Good morning!

With today marking the first full squad workout since our last match as well as the last day in March, we would do well to reflect.

Almost two months ago I noted that we would be in for 100 days of madness when it came to this title run, and here we are. Spurs avoided disaster during the first eight weeks, and even managed to rise up the table, leaving us poised in second place for the true stretch run.

Our title chances have been analyzed by various outlets already so I won't cover well tread ground, but I will add this. Participating, watching, and supporting during these types of matches is half the fun of being a contending side. Sure, it may not work out in terms of silverware, but we are one of the only clubs left who have earned the right to even talk about a trophy. The goosebumps and spikes of adrenaline are a bit different now, not because of the play itself, but because of the stakes.

I've heard people say they are scared of this match, and perhaps rightly so. One does not simply walk into Anfield and take three points, as Middle Earth Ned Stark would remind us. What is lost in that display of emotion, fear, however, is that we go to Anfield every year, but with very little on the line in comparison. I'm as scared as anyone to go to Anfield when we are clearly inferior, player to player. I'm as scared as anyone to go to Anfield when our back line can't hold a line to save its life. Those scenarios are far from the case this year, though. So let's embrace the gravity of the remaining matches and be as hopeful and excited as we are scared because it's true that it could all go wrong, but on the other hand, I can barely wait to see if it all goes right.

And now for the "news":

James Milner backs Dele Alli to get "10 times" better| Independent

"Dele asked me to give him a rag and I said I didn't have one and wasn't sure why it mattered. He said to clean up the mess I left in midfield. I asked him if he literally wanted a rag or if that was banter. He said banter. I laughed then because I like banter."

Michael Owen makes a prediction for Tottenham-Liverpool| The Sport Review

This isn't crazy and that makes me crazy! I live to critique and lampoon the pundits, and I demand material. How dare they make me create content?

Ben Davies reckons Spurs are going to turn the screw on Leicester City| Mirror

In which he neither mentions putting pressure on another team, nor mentions Leicester City by name in the article. Despite the headline, of course.

He's one of our own/ he's one of our own/ [redacted] he's one of our own| Come On Over (Podcast, NSFW-language)

Philly comics talking. If you don't know why this is linked, go walk directly into the nearest ocean or lake.