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Here’s what Dele Alli thinks about his Tottenham teammates

Who is the loudest? Who is the last off the training pitch? Who is the worst dresser?

Not only has Dele Alli had an unbelievable breakout season for Tottenham Hotspur this season, but he's becoming a media darling for his charisma and sense of humor. It seems like now-a-days whenever Spurs have a funny video or project, Dele is always involved and it always comes off great.

This time the 19-year-old senasation sat down with FourFourTwo to talk about his teammates and dish some dirt on what things are really like in the dressing room and behind the scenes.

He discusses various topics such as the team's worst dresser and who is the loudest person in the dressing room. And of course, his everlasting friendship with Eric Dier is mentioned several times. What would a Spurs social video be without the Eric Dier/Dele Alli bromance being on display?

Videos like these are very refreshing to see. Sometimes you get lost in the results of matches and lose touch with the fact that these guys are people just like you and I that have emotions and quirks like normal guys.