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Watch: Dele Alli and Eric Dier bromance all over London

Apparently today was a free day for the Tottenham Hotspur boys. That or Dele Alli and Eric Dier are the absolute worst at playing hooky from training as the two took to social media to showcase their adventures around London today.

As you know, the two Spurs youngsters are BFFs on and off the pitch. They spent the day parading around the city today just like normal folks, grabbing lunch, going to museums and doing what people with lives do, I guess, I wouldn't know. Anyways, to gloat about their amazing friendship even more they took to Periscope and Facebook to document their journey via video.

Attempt 2

Posted by Dele Alli on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Unfortunately Periscope doesn't allow for embedding onto websites, because why would they want to have their videos shared and get publicity for their stupid website/app? That just doesn't make any sense at all. So, here's a measly link with a lot more amazing Allier (TM) amazingness to go around.